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Contrary to what many people believe, a veteran of our armed services does not have to be injured in combat or serve overseas to be eligible for veterans benefits. In fact, some veterans and veterans’ spouses are not getting the benefits they have earned through their service.

Julian Gray Associates is a firm that helps veterans and their spouses to obtain the benefits they deserve. We understand the rules that govern VA benefits and how to navigate the government bureaucracy.

An attorney at our firm can explain your rights and, if you are eligible, help you to obtain the veterans benefits you deserve.

All of the firm’s attorneys are accredited for the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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If you are a veteran or veterans’ spouse, thousands of dollars in benefits may be waiting for you.

Obtaining Veterans Benefits

The government pays VA benefits in cash to assist with the costs of assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) for wartime veterans and their spouses.

  • A married couple in which the veteran needs assistance may be entitled to up to $2,295 per month in benefits.
  • A single veteran may be entitled to up to $1,936  per month.

These benefits are paid in cash and can be used to pay for nursing home care, assisted living facility care, home health care or other services related to ADL’s.

Why Work With Julian Gray Associates?

Many veterans have applied for benefits and been rejected. Or, they have been told by a VA service organization that because their assets exceed the financial threshold, they cannot get benefits. This is not necessarily true.

Julian Gray Associates can recommend some simple estate planning actions you can take to protect your assets. We handle a large variety of elder law matters for people throughout western Pennsylvania. Unlike the American Legion and the VFW, we can provide legal advice. We can also help you avoid making poor decisions that can affect your ability to obtain Medicaid. What’s more, we understand the complexities of the rules and can help you deal with the Veterans Administration on a strong footing.

Helping You Get the Care You Need

For older veterans and their spouses, we can provide Medicaid planning, nursing home planning, and assisted living facility planning and other services.

As a veteran, you sacrificed a great deal for the service of your country. Julian Gray Associates can help you get the care, services and benefits that can enable you to live life in greater comfort and financial security.

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