Planning For Real Estate Issues In Eldercare

In order to accomplish a comprehensive Eldercare Plan, planning for the client’s real estate is usually involved.  Whether it’s a person’s primary residence, vacation home or family camp, this valuable asset (frequently with emotional ties) must be properly handled.  Planning for real estate within an estate plan comes with some additional variables beyond traditional assets such as liquid investments.  Therefore, it’s critical to choose an Elder Law Attorney who has experience in real estate transactions as well as estate planning.

Background in Both Elder Law and Real Estate

Fortunately, Julian Gray, CELA, the founder of Julian Gray Associates, has significant experience in all aspects of real estate ownership, title, transfers and taxation.  Mr. Gray is a former closing agent and approved title attorney and has examined hundreds of real estate title searches over the years.  Also, Mr. Gray is familiar with the concepts of land development, easements and rights of way and ownership of real estate in entity form (companies and trusts).  Therefore, when it comes to properly advising a client and family on how to integrate their real estate interests into a well-rounded estate plan, Attorney Gray provides a truly comprehensive perspective on the issues.

Real Estate Issues to Consider in Estate Plan

  1. How can I avoid probate of my home at death?
  2. How can I protect my home from going to the State to pay for my long term care costs?
  3. How can I keep my real estate in my family’s bloodline and not held hostage to outside interests?
  4. How can I prepare a written plan to guide my family on the use and enjoyment of our family vacation home after I’m gone?
  5. What can I do to reduce capital gains tax exposure on the sale of my home?
  6. What planning can I do to take advantage of tax depreciation on my business and vacation properties?
  7. Should I re-title my home in a Trust or Company?

These are just a few of the issues you will want to watch for when it comes to real estate issues and estate planning. For more information, talk to an attorney at Julian Gray Associates by calling 888-402-5680 or by contacting us online.