Helping You Remain Eligible For Medicaid While Safeguarding Your Assets

The need to plan for nursing home care can arise from an unexpected medical crisis or from the early diagnosis of a slowly developing ailment. Without sound legal advice, people in this situation can make poor decisions that can consume their life savings and lead to significant financial hardship.

At Julian Gray Associates, we help people make the right decisions about their assets and nursing home care and avoid costly mistakes. We handle a variety of elder law matters for people throughout western Pennsylvania. We work with these issues every day, and have the experience, knowledge and skill needed to guide our clients toward the right solution.

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A Comprehensive Approach To Medicaid Planning

Julian Gray Associates will carefully examine your situation and discuss your options. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to Medicaid planning and long-term care planning.

To provide just one example, Medicaid has different rules for gifting than does the Internal Revenue Service. Our attorneys understand the many complexities of the law as it relates to Medicaid eligibility. We will review your situation and recommend a solution that preserves as much of your assets as possible, while obtaining the nursing home care your loved one needs.

Preserving Your Assets

Contrary to what you may believe, it is possible for a healthy spouse to retain assets such as a house, car, IRA and pension benefits. But, nursing home planning must be done the right way.

At Julian Gray Associates, we understand the many ways that eligibility for Medicaid can be secured. We will work to preserve as many assets as possible.

We Take On Your Burden

Families often come to us in the midst of a medical crisis. Our attorneys can handle all aspects of the Medicaid planning and application process. Our goal will be to help your loved one get the nursing home needed to live a comfortable and dignified life.

Let Julian Gray Associates bear your burden, so that you can give your family member the love he or she needs at this time in his or her life. We handle the negotiations with the County Assistance Office and nursing home staff during the Medicaid application process.

It’s Never Too Late To Plan

Even in the midst of a crisis, there are measures you can take to plan for long-term care. It is never too late to plan. With help from Julian Gray Associates, you can take the steps necessary to obtain Medicaid and adequate nursing home care for your loved one.

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