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Many people rely solely on private long-term care insurance and their own resources to pay for the cost of nursing home or assisted living residency. While private coverage is certainly one possible funding source of nursing home and assisted living facility care, there are other options as well. By developing an integrated plan that draws upon private insurance, Medicaid and veterans benefits, you can ensure that your loved one gets the care he or she needs — without consuming all of your personal assets.

Julian Gray Associates is a firm that helps people plan for and fund long-term care. We can develop a strategy that pays for nursing home or assisted living facility care and does not use up every penny of your loved one’s life savings.

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You Have Many Options — We Can Help You Choose The Right Ones

The attorneys at Julian Gray Associates have helped many senior Pennsylvanians plan for and obtain long-term care, Medicaid benefits, veterans benefits and funding for their retirement needs. Whenever possible, we favor an integrated approach that draws upon multiple sources of funding.

Our attorneys will carefully review your situation and develop the approach that is right for you. Your options may include:

  • Private long-term care insurance
  • Medicaid benefits
  • Veterans benefits

Our goal will be to help you provide for nursing home care or assisted living facility care funded by the right mix of sources — which preserve as much of your personal assets as possible.

If You Already Have A Long-Term Care Policy

Do not wait too long to speak with an elder care attorney. You may think that your loved one has sufficient long-term care coverage, but that coverage could be nearing the point of exhaustion. Nursing home and assisted living facility planning in itself is not time-consuming, but there are time limits and constraints. Medicaid, for example, has a five-year look-back period for the transfer of assets, so sound Medicaid planning is essential. In other words, if your situation contemplates the use of your long term care insurance policy in the near future, now is the time to take action to maximize the benefits of your policy by integrating it with other planning options when you benefits begin, not when they are exhausted.

Julian Gray Associates can review your situation and develop a plan that provides for nursing home coverage without consuming all of your assets.

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