Is A Family Caregiver Agreement Right For You?

Many baby boomers are providing home-care services for their aging parents. For some it is a burden, but for many it is a labor of love.

Most adult children who care for their parents are not paid for the services they provide. But some in this situation have realized they can get paid for this work through benefits provided by the Veterans Administration. In addition, because of the five-year look back period for Medicaid benefits, there are future considerations when providing caregiving services. However, these arrangements must be formalized in a family caregiving agreement that complies with the law.

At Julian Gray Associates, we help elderly people in the Pittsburgh area get the care and benefits they need to live comfortable and dignified lives. We also understand the struggles of adult caregivers, and we may be able to help you turn your unpaid work into a paid position without violating Medicaid rules.

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You may be able to receive veterans benefits for the care you are providing for your parent, as well as avoid future Medicaid penalties. An attorney at Julian Gray Associates can discuss how we may be able to help you obtain these benefits.

Creating A Valid Family Caregiving Agreement

To be valid in the eyes of the state Medicaid agency, a family caregiving agreement must:

  • Be written and explicit, not verbal
  • Be prospective in scope, not retrospective (that is created for services to be provided in the future)
  • Disclose the fees to be paid the caregiver and provide a description of services to be delivered

You should be aware that the money paid to the caregiver is taxable.

How We Can Help

The law regarding family caregiving agreements is relatively new and complex, and failure to follow the law can result in the rejection of your Veterans benefits claim or future Medicaid penalties. Julian Gray Associates is able to handle a large variety of elder law matters for people throughout western Pennsylvania, including Medicaid planning and asset protection advice and services. We understand how to create valid family caregiver agreements that can enable adult children to obtain benefits for the care they provide for their parents, while avoiding mistakes for future Medicaid eligibility.

Julian Gray Associates can evaluate your situation, recommend the right solution for you and prepare all documents needed to obtain future Medicaid or Veterans benefits that can pay for family caregiving services.

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Medicaid planning must be done with adequate time. Do not wait before speaking with a lawyer at Julian Gray Associates. The sooner we can start, the sooner we can obtain benefits that can pay you for taking care of your loved one.

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