Helping You Plan For Assisted and Independent Living

The decision to live in an assisted living or independent living facility is often a difficult one. In many cases, this will be the first time the individual will be living somewhere other than home. There is an inevitable sense of loss. Yet for many elderly people, this is the right move — they will be able to receive the services they need while still living an independent life.

The individual and family must also make financial arrangements to pay for the cost of care. This can be very complicated. Done improperly, it can be costly and can consume a large portion of the person’s estate.

Julian Gray Associates helps people plan for residence in assisted living and independent living facilities and nursing homes. Our attorneys have helped many families in western Pennsylvania plan for long-term care while preserving as much of their assets as possible.

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Advice And Service In All Aspects Of Assisted Living Facility Planning

Julian Gray Associates can help you at all stages of the process. We can:

  • Review your family member’s financial situation and personal needs
  • Explain your options in terms of paying for the care and help you apply for and obtain any available benefits
  • Help you choose the right facility based on the care needs of your loved one, its proximity to relatives and other factors
  • Advise you on what to sign and what not to sign when you apply to the facility you have chosen
  • Advise you on Veterans Benefits eligibility even if you have been told that you have too much assets or income to qualify

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At Julian Gray Associates, we have developed our assisted living facility planning skills over many years — by helping people in all walks of life. We will work to find the facility that is right for your loved one and help you find the means to finance that care.

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