ElderLaw News June 2011

June 2011

To Clients, Colleagues and FriendsTo Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

It is our pleasure to announce that Karen S. Timko, CELA has joined Julian Gray Associates. Karen has been practicing Elder Law for 10 years and has recently been certified by the National Elder Law Foundation under the authorization of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. She becomes the 4th Certified Elder Law Attorney at Julian Gray Associates.

Why You Need to Plan for Long-Term Care

Thinking about a time when you will need help taking care of yourself is not fun. That is why most people put off discussing long-term care until it can’t be ignored. But it’s better to start long-term care planning early.


Bank of America Says Power of Attorney Does Not Grant Access to Online Banking

When one spouse suffers from dementia, the other spouse often must take over managing the couple’s finances, usually with the help of a power of attorney. But things don’t always go smoothly with financial institutions. Just ask Chicago resident Eva Kripke.


Book Review: Mom Always Liked You Best Mom Liked You Best

Making decisions about elderly parents can cause conflict even in the best of families. In this book, three experienced elder mediators provide advice and tools for managing disputes with siblings.


Resolving Conflicts Between Co-Agents on a Power of Attorney

Having power of attorney over a family member is a big responsibility and sometimes it makes sense to share that responsibility with someone else. But when two people are named co-agents under a power of attorney, conflicts can arise. Unfortunately, if the conflict can’t be resolved, it may be necessary to get a court involved.


Daily Money Managers Can Help Assist Seniors with Financial Matters

Having difficulty keeping on top of your bills? Maybe a daily money manager can help. Daily money managers can assist elderly individuals with handling anything from routine bill-paying to more complicated tasks like filing medical insurance claims.