ElderLaw News February 2010

February 2010

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To Clients, Colleagues and Friends

To Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

Congress Lets Estate Tax Expire, But May Act Retroactively

With Senate Democrats unable to persuade Republicans to extend the 2009 estate tax law for even a couple of months until a more permanent solution could be devised, there is currently no tax on the estates of those dying during 2010.


Things to Remember at Tax Time

April 15th is approaching and it is time to begin crossing T’s and dotting I’s in preparation for paying taxes. As tax time draws near, you want to make sure you file all the proper forms and take all deductions you’re entitled to.


Book Review: The Complete Eldercare Planner

Becoming a caregiver for an elderly loved one can be an overwhelming experience. This revised and updated edition of this practical guide helps caregivers organize and manage all the tasks involved in eldercare.


To Roth or Not to Roth?

Now that 2010 has arrived, people whose incomes were previously too high to permit them to rollover a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA are calling their investment houses about making conversions.


Avoiding Expensive Funerals

When planning a funeral, the expenses can add up quickly. The average funeral costs about $7,300, but there are several ways to save on funeral expenses.


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