ElderLaw News April 2011

April 2011

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To Clients Colleagues and Friends

To Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

AARP Sues Government Over Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures

Charging that reverse mortgage borrowers were caught in what amounts to a regulatory bait and switch, the AARP’s legal arm is suing the Department of Housing and Urban Development on behalf of three now-deceased borrowers’ surviving spouses who are facing imminent foreclosure and eviction from their homes.


What is Asset Protection Planning?

Asset protection planning is about protecting your assets from creditors — and it is not just for the super wealthy.


Book Review: They’re Your Parents, Too!

Your Parents

Sibling relationships can be difficult even in the best of times, but add in an aging parent and there is bound to be some tension. This book offers insight and strategies to help siblings work together when established family roles are upended.


You Can’t Opt Out of Medicare Without Losing Social Security, Judge Rules

Retirees cannot disenroll from Medicare Part A without also losing their Social Security benefits and refunding all the money paid to them, a federal judge has ruled.