“Julian Gray Associates is pleased to partner with iHeartMedia Pittsburgh provide a weekly podcast. “Ask Julian: The Legal Show” is hosted by the firm’s owner, Certified Elder Law Attorney Julian E. Gray. Each week, Julian will explore questions asked by listeners covering topics related to caring for aging parents, inheritance, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and more! Listeners can access the podcast in the free iHeartRadio app or wherever they listen to their favorite podcasts. Listeners are welcome to submit questions to [email protected] and it may be used on a future podcast!”

Episode 42: Long-Term Care Trends after Covid-19
Julian discusses changes trending in the long-term care industry as people are more concerned about living in nursing homes following COVID-19.

Episode 41: Understanding Medicare – What are your choices at age 65?
Julian interviews Medicare guru Bill McKendree about how to make the right choices when enrolling in Medicare.

Episode 40: Naming Beneficiaries
Designating a beneficiary on your investments or IRA is more than just a name. Learn about different scenarios that might cause you to think twice about who is named as beneficiary of your financial assets.

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