April 2020 Episodes

Episode 36: The Special Olympics of Pennsylvania: A competition with rewards beyond a medal

In this episode, Julian interviews C. Shannon Barry, who is a Board member of SOPA and co-creator of the annual Un-cathlon event, a unique sporting event which allows supporters to compete in Olympic style events along side people with disabilities to create a special experience for all.

Episode 35: How can I still get my estate planning done during a Pandemic?

Julian Gray discusses various options to accomplish your estate planning goals through alternative communication resources as well as the new laws on the horizon for virtual notarization.

Episode 34: Making that First Call to Julian Gray Associates

Many people fear calling lawyers for a lot of reasons – some of which are accurate. However, at Julian Gray Associates, we offer a no cost initial phone interview with our Client Relations Manager to help families get moving in the right direction for their planning. In this episode, Julian interviews Courtney Bachik, a seasoned veteran of helping families in crisis to get centered and get moving towards solving their problems.