Elderlaw News March 2012

March 2012

Welcome to our E-Newsletter

Welcome to our E-NewsletterElderLaw News is a monthly e-newsletter that brings you reports of legal developments and other trends of vital interest to seniors and their advocates. This newsletter is brought to you by Julian Gray Associates.

How to Select an In-Home Aide

Studies show that older Americans want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. For growing numbers of elders â€" and concerned family members â€" the solution is a home aide. If your family is considering hiring a home aide, the first decision is what type of aide you need.


Is My Will Still Valid If I Move to Another State?

Among all the changes you must make when you move to a new state -- driver's license, voter registration -- don't forget your will. While your will should still be valid in the new state, there may be differences in the new state's laws that may make certain provisions of the will invalid. In addition, moving is a good excuse to consult an attorney to make sure your estate plan in general is up to date.


Bankers Life Long-Term Care Insurance Policyholders Report Problems Getting Paid

Buying long-term care insurance is supposed to be a good thing--it means you are prepared to meet your long-term care needs. But the purchase can turn into a nightmare if the insurance company refuses to pay for your care. One long-term care insurance company in particular, Bankers Life and Casualty, is gaining a reputation for not paying claims.


Children Conceived After a Parent's Death Are Challenging Estate Plans and Laws

Advances in fertility treatments and the ability to freeze embryos and store sperm for later use means that children can be born long after a parent â€" usually the father â€" has died. This, in turn, has created dilemmas for executors, states, and soon the U.S. Supreme Court. Should a child conceived and born after a father's death inherit from the father's estate? From a grandparent's estate? Should a child be able to collect Social Security benefits based on the work record of a father who died before the child was conceived?